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Welcome to the TCPUD Water Conservation Calculator, a tool designed to help our customers identify their personal water conservation requirements. We hope you find this tool helpful. For questions, please contact us by email at conservation@tcpud.org or by calling our Conservation phone line at (530) 580-6282.

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TCPUD Customer Number can be found on the upper right hand corner of your monthly account statement and must be entered below exactly as shown on the statement.

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2016 Monthly Consumption Target (Gallons)
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Target consumption numbers shown above are equal to the actual water usage by the property for the month indicated in the year 2014. If your property or use pattern has changed, you are a new owner, or otherwise feel your target is inappropriate, please complete and submit the form HERE to explain your variance need/request.

For tips to help you conserve water and meet your required reductions, please visit our website.

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